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The inspiration behind "Mountain Meadow"

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

I had a wonderful musical summer, just chilling in the wilderness and being with a crowd of Bohemian people.

Currently, I am going through a major transition in my life that is very uncomfortable. I know that fear is an illusion but it forever sneaks up on me and grabs hold to try to paralyze me. When you find yourself pushed in a corner, change must happen and the change can only occur when we walk through the mists of fear and into the unknown hopes of what could be.

Half of my day, I am working hard, trying to figure out my new direction of how to sustain myself in the material world.

The other half of my day is a time to let go, surrender and immerse myself in peace through my art. Part of this process is a complex challenge in technique and also part of a dreamy natural meditative state.

As with this painting above, there are complexities all around me, but if I stop to notice something unique, examine it, embrace it, I will then come away richer for the experience. One never knows what that outcome is, but it is never harmful.

All the best in your journey

Angela Tahara

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