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The inspiration behind "Mountain Meadow"

Ken Franz and I had a wonderful post-Covid summer, just chilling in the wilderness and being with good people.

Right now I am going through a major transition in my life that is very uncomfortable. Half of my day, I am working hard, trying to figure out my new direction and to sustain myself.

The other half of my day is a time to let go, surrender and immerse myself in peace. Usually in my paintings, I have a story or greater message to convey. As of late, the series of paintings I am doing seem to all have the common thread of the simplicity of calm. Those moments in my life, where I just want to stay there forever in that dreamy natural meditative state.

I am still greatly challenged in technique and composition, as I was with this piece, but it is not threatening and the entire process is a deep dive of blissful solitude. I am learning much in this series.

All the best in your journey

Angela Tahara

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