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Angela Tahara

A free spirit, born in 1962, Canada.

Lives & works in Vancouver, BC.


For me, it is not worth doing unless it is difficult, so when I go into my studio, I challenge myself but also ask myself 'why'?  It drives me batty and I love it.


When I paint, I combine technique, composition, colour, and story, in an effort to spark emotion, conversation, and imagination in the viewer.  This began when I was a child, and artwork would take me to far-off places in my mind. 

Encaustic comes from antiquity, but the revival is rather new in this century and I see endless possibilities to explore.  I sometimes combine Oil with Encaustic because I like the detail of the Oil and the abstract/impressionist feel of the Encaustic, and together, it helps emphasize the story further.

Blessings to you on your journey. 


Tahara Bio

Tahara began her career as a sculptor. From 1987 – 2011 she worked primarily in woodcarving, clay, stone, and bronze.  Successful with numerous solo/group shows, taught and mentored artists, prolific in experimentation, and her sculptures were selling out of Chateau Whistler.  Captured in the Newspapers and the Tri-City News featured a full-page article in 1998 on her artistic vision and purpose.  


In 2012, Tahara adjusted her studio to Oil painting to embrace colour and found that her knowledge of 3-D sculptural concepts demanded more on a 2-D platform and she discovered Encaustic.  Combining Encaustic and Oil onto canvas or wood gave her the bandwidth to pull the viewer deeper into the scene of her unique vision.  


Tahara’s works were featured at Art World Expo in 2016 and are currently shown and selling at Granville Island Gallery.  Starting September 2023 there will be a Solo show at the City of Port Coquitlam for 5 months.  (see Exhibitions)

Tahara is passionately devoted to perfecting new techniques and continually evolving in vision, story, and depth of artistic excellence. 


My Way, 28x36 Encaustic, Angela Tahara.j


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