Angela Tahara

A free spirit, born in 1962, Canada.

Lives & works in Vancouver, BC.


Oh, blessed trauma, thank you, for you have shown me strength within.  No one goes through life unscathed, but in the testing, we find the power of our uniqueness and become unstoppable. 


For me, it is not worth doing unless it is difficult, so every time I go into my studio, I challenge myself, with technique and evolutionary insight. 


We are incredibly complex beings and I ask the viewer, 'what do you see?'.  Everyone sees something different when I create a story because we all have different journeys.  It is the conversation that is of importance.

My own life has been tough, and I am comfortable with all levels of people, and I am at peace.   I am an observer, a recorder, and a playback of what I see in society. What I witness in these 20th and 21st centuries is an incredibly resilient human spirit whereby the mass majority will default to courage and kindness.

Every moment is an amazing blessing and it is in the moment where I create.  My entire career I have always expressed this positive uniqueness that we were born with. 


Blessings to you on your individual journey. 


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My Way, 28x36 Encaustic, Angela Tahara.j


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