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Inspiration behind Fisherman

My son, Brent, took this photo, of his friend, Darren; on one of their many trips.

The painting is 4ft. high, 4-6 layers of thin encaustic, 6 months, and is an estimated 500 hours. My most challenging piece in a most challenging time and one that brought the most joy.

While I did this piece, my life changed, unexpectantly 180 degrees, all for the better in the end. I shed off the things in my life I would not tolerate anymore, downsized considerably, and asked the question, what do you want, and what are you willing to do to get it?

I'm not going to give you any pathetic sad poor-me details. In a nutshell, I came to a point in my life where I just can't tolerate mean people and head games anymore. I see the gaslighting with the veiled control issues, and think,.... enough! I have one life to live and I am tired of skirting around all the smoke-and-mirrors nonsense.

I'm not going to waste time blaming others or myself on the why of this stupidness of decorum and games and reasoning in society, etc. I'm just going to stop participating because I believed I should to keep the peace. Now it is time for my peace.

The fisherman has the right idea when they go out into their personal space. To just be engulfed and learn from the ever-shifting beauty for countless hours.

Patience is as effortless as breathing. I never understood why it is said that patience is difficult. It is what you decide it is.

During the making of this piece, I also got rejected by my contemporaries .... 4 times, and it was tough, but I made the decision..... I repeat, the decision to be as calm as can be, saying okay, that is a mere opinion, but I am still going to do "me".

That is a powerful place to be within oneself. I know I can't catch what I am seeking unless I go to the place where it is.

Life is beautiful; embrace it.

Peace in your journey.


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