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The Story Behind "Weeds"

“Weeds” I love weeds.

They get yanked out and discarded, and still, they find a way to grow again in unlikely places. They make deep roots, aerate the soul, bring up calcium for other plants and nurture the environment and produce beautiful flowers. Every day the Sun rises to help the seed and the Sun’s rays are Love.

This is me, age 7, and my two siblings, Teresa, 3, and Darren, 5. I lost them both at a young age. Darren to a drunk driver and I can’t be mad at a man that didn’t intend to kill that day.

Teresa was a foster child we had for 2 years, and I can’t be mad that she had a family. Peace is in acceptance, but the pain remains. I was ripped out in many ways by these incidents and had to replant.

For Teresa, I never stopped worrying about my baby sister, how it affected her to be ripped out, and what became of her. My only solace was that she is a weed also and replanted elsewhere to produce deep roots, nurturing her environment with her goodness, and producing wonderful flowers. If we loved her, someone else did too.

Love creates strength. Teresa was not our first foster child, and those other blessed children came to us damaged and confused. I had the lesson to love and accept them deeply in the moment, and for their journey forward.

Yes, this painting is of my likeness, but it is gratefulness to the blessings of love, acceptance, and resilience.

This painting is in recognition of you.

It is in homage to all the weeds out there who love with all their heart, knowing or unknowing that it may be temporary.

It is for all those who have been ripped out and replanted, repeatedly as it happens to us all, and still shown your magnificent flowers.

I acknowledge you all for the beautiful individual you are, your quiet effort, and what you offer the world.

Angela Tahara

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