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The story behind Jessie's Joy

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

What a year this COVID has been, and then BAM, the truth of the Residential First Nations Children/Families that hurts my heart so horribly bad, and forest fires burning our land, people fleeing for their lives. My own mother is 90 and so vulnerable and frail, and I am learning so much from her aging and that of my own.

We cannot stop that what happens.

I saw this picture on Facebook, photographed by David Jacklin and it stopped me in my tracks. David said her name was Jessie and she lived in the immediate area since 1953. I saw on her face joy and appreciation and so much more.

The photo expressed all that I felt during these immensely crazy stressful times that we are in. It allowed me to speak of how I felt and I could amp it up further with colour/emotion.

All around me, people calling out alarms of this crazy headspace that the world is ending. Those rabbit holes of stress, worry and fear that one can burrow down under and get lost into. We also have the alternative choice to lift out and breathe and experience that which is also a viable reality. Beauty and growth happening all the time.

That other truth that positive change is a constant also unto our blessed world.

I like chaos. Yes it is uncomfortable, but when you dig up the dirt, you can remove what is wrong and replant again without the offending force. Earth is life and it always grows if you allow it. Breathe, allow, appreciate.

Blessings to you all in your journey

Angela Tahara

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