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The story behind "Fashionista

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Dave "Davey" Decarlo. This is the second Encaustic painting I have done of Dave and I wish I had the time to do more of him, and all the incredibly interesting people I have met in my journey.

I met Dave a number of years ago, an introduction from a friend, and we sat in a restaurant and talked excitedly together like we were long lost friends. He wasn't in costume but was wearing the most unique street clothing and he has the biggest heart. An artist himself as you can well see.

There are people in our community that are highly creative and intelligent, and are like magicians amongst us. Turning a persons day from inward turmoil to outward joy in a flash of distraction. Like a parent waving a new toy in front of a crying child. Positive people learn to embrace themselves and the world around them and bring harmony to their surroundings with the tools at hand.

This painting gives homage to those who bring kindness, love and happiness to strangers and community. Davey does this constantly, and bless his beautiful heart.

I find the world a disparaging place where one person or a small group of people can cause so much damage, yet the majority of people are so good if given the chance..... if they just get out of their heads. Look for happiness and resolution.

When I was a child, going to church, there is only one bible passage that I remember. "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." Mathew. Meek is not the right translation today. Blessed are the kind.

Check out Davey's story below:

All the best

Angela Tahara

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