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The Meaning behind "Visionary"

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

All of my paintings have a meaning behind them and I want to say something from deep within me and what drives me forward in a positive way in this crazy world.

I admire Nelson Mandela. Mandela was incarcerated when I was born and on the day I was giving birth to my son, 27 years later, I watched as he was being released and was in complete awe of his story. He was a true visionary of passive resistance for positive change. How did this man become the President of the same land that persecuted him? Amazing. What was his upbringing to give him the strength? What of all the other passive resistant visionaries in our history that are bringing forth positive change against massive odds against them.

I thought of my own journey in life and when things got tough, where did my thoughts go in order for me to endure with an open heart and not to become embittered and feeling hopeless against the odds?

This is where this little darling comes from. Today we have Syria, which few want to acknowledge, and is where a new visionary is being shaped from? He or she could come from anywhere in the world, but it is from the ashes and struggle that these people arise from.

To be able to see something greater than themselves and hold onto that concept and make it so with conviction. Love, compassion, acceptance and great intelligence are just a few ingredients for these rare individuals.

An odd event happened when I tried to post this painting on social media. I was blocked by a very large forum and told that it was 'too political'. A child with butterfly wings caused someone to feel uneasy? Yet, some people were very touched by it. Hmmmm.

Then I saw this and it answered my question

Angela Tahara

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