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The Meaning behind "The Dawn of Stephenson"

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

In this painting I wanted to convey the beautiful strength within each and every one of us and the metamorphosis to bring change. I saw the photo from Al Tom, of my friend Stephenson, and it hit me like a lighting bolt that this is how I will demonstrate this thought.

I met Stephenson at a festival in Montreal about 6 years ago, and you know how someone impresses you, not by their appearance, but by their conversation and soul? We kept in contact and I watched her evolve as she went on to influence a great many people in positive ways to bring about change. She has since obtained a degree and today she teaches at a University in California.

Stephenson, who used to call herself, Cici, did an amazing TedTalk in 2015 that you can see here.


This painting is of my heartfelt strong friend Stephenson to demonstrate my speak about individualism and the power within. As always, I am seeking to show how amazing we are when we unleash our individualism and uniqueness, because that is our superpower. Our inner drive and our passion. When we stop sitting on our wings and take flight, the amazing will happen for not only us, but the world around us.

I hear people say I have no talents, but I argue that being unique is the talent. Spread your wings.

Angela Tahara

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1 Comment

Sherri King
Sherri King
Mar 03, 2021

I LOVE this painting, it so captures the person i am proud to call a friend !!!

My Way, 28x36 Encaustic, Angela Tahara.j


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