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The Meaning Behind "360"

"360" What kind of a name is that?

COVID happened and Ken and I had to give up raves and socializing with crazy ass people, so what will we do?

We headed to Blue Mountain Park near where he lives and found this lovely bench. For 2 years, every Saturday night, rain, warmth or snow, we sat with this view of these trees and enjoyed a few drinks until we either were forced out by bad weather or it was just plainly too early in the morning.

360 hours is what we logged in and 360 degrees happens to be a full circle. We would rage against the stupid events of the world, philosophize on how we could change it, plan our future or just laugh so hard at all that was silly. We would dance under the moonlight or into the rains and snow. Full circle of emotions and it was good.

COVID alert was lifted in the Spring of 2022 and we looked at the blossoms, actually sad that our adventure there might be over, if we so choose.

Staring at the trees, the topic that night was artificial intelligence and art. We loved our personal oasis, and even though AI could do a grand job of pixelating it all in an art form, could it capture love?

That is where my journey went for the next three months. To be fair to AI, I used math and dynamic symmetry and the idea of the many dots of pixels. However, for my human side, I poured my heart out on each and every branch, leaf and flower. I added spontaneity and mindfulness as I worked.

To anyone looking at this painting, it is just a bunch of trees. To me, it is a massively rich full-circle journey, chocked-up with great memories, and I am content.

All the best to you and your journeys.


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