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The Inspiration behind "Watershed"

One definition of “watershed” is “an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend.”

I saw this video of a fellow dropping off healthy meals to homeless people behind their backs and not asking thanks. The homeless man discovered it and he immediately gave thanks to his god and began to cry. His watershed moment. His son, who must have always seen his father as a resourceful strong person, looked on in wonder.

I had been in a similar situation and it touched me so deeply that it forever changed my perception of values and respect.

My father, the strongest and most resourceful man I know, had been through 2 wars, in his teen years. WW2 in The Netherlands and then BAM drafted to fight in the Indo-Dutch conflict for two years. John had a desperate upbringing but was a pillar of kindness and inner strength, but one day in a restaurant, he had broken down and cried in front of me.

He spoke of the worst of times in his life and the times when he was so completely pathetic and without hope and how that had felt. Then suddenly he was blessed with a small miracle and the memory of the emotions of gratefulness rushed at him so fast that it came out in sobs, even that day after so many years later. Watershed.

Sitting quietly, in witnessed to his story my thoughts were everywhere at once. I understood him more than I ever did before. At the same time, I understood myself. It was like this rock before me had opened up and the most magnificent beating heart had emerged and I understood everything from my past to my future. I loved him before, but it intensified massively and he gave me a lesson I will never forget.

Watershed moments are common in our lives. Short bursts and we apologize which is stupid, because it is when we are the most real from our heart. Why else do we have the emotive tear function in our biology?

For the background, the colours I chose emit feeling, and blurred car behind the child and the flowers behind the father signify that each generation has a different life path.

This is my view on a blessed event.

Peace to you all in your journey.

Angela Tahara

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