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Inspiration behind Twins

The subject of the painting was from photos of my nephew's wedding a few years back. A gentle toddler took an instant liking to my old dog. A dog that usually runs from children. She proceeded to take Beans over the estate and show her around, chattering away in toddler language. I snapped pictures at the innocence of it all.

I did her as a double in the painting because I wanted to show her movement of that day. Suddenly, the subject can now morph into a story as a 'twin' in the obvious sense, however to me, the twin is the kindred souls of dog and child. Ah but, the viewer may see it any way they wish.

Toddlers/children and animals seem to have unspoken languages and reside in a mysterious harmonic resonance when they are together. Something that they fall into so easily.

This is just a story I felt I needed to bring to light.

Peace in your journey


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