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Inspiration behind "Kayak"

Oigh, what a year. Have you ever had one of those times where you just feel like you are getting constant beatings? What can you possibly do about it? Well, I can stop looking at the heap of garbage before me and look at the very few sparkly things that make me smile because they exist too.

Up to my eyeballs in stress and here is this kayak and I decide to get in it before dawn while everyone is asleep. Aaaaah, I take a dozen pictures and stare at the amazing beauty. Fast forward, life gets worse and I feel like I am drowning in garbage but I can pick up this sparkly thing again and I paint not only what I see, but what I felt that day.

No matter how many beatings come my way, this too exists and can be called upon whenever I choose.

Peace in your journey

Angela Tahara

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