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Inspiration behind Elbow Lake #2

As an avid kayaker I get a chance to go places and see things from a different angle and at times when there are no humans about. I get gob smacked in awe at the most unusual things.

Here is a log that has been floating for eons, all weathered and mossed over in places, and atop of it is a craziness of growth from whatever seed was able to find purchase within a rotted indentation.

The backdrop shore and mountain is this cornucopia of different trees and rocks in texture, but what was more interesting was the reflection on the calm water.

That reflection was telling a whole different story of what was to come that day. An overcast day breaking way for fluffy clouds. Yes, that was the magical day and it felt like a story, so I wanted to capture that magic and hold it, suspended.

Encaustic is fluid and thick as the water when hot, but once cooled it is held in place like a photo, and why I love this medium so much. I get to re-experience the moment, in micro divisions, and feel each leaf, flow, and sparkle. I become what I see.

Peace in your journey.

Angela Tahara

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