Angela Tahara

Born in Winnipeg, Man, Canada.

Lives & works in Vancouver, BC.


"Individuality".  That each of us was born unique and it is best served that we don't oppress this or block it in others. The human spirit and mind are so much more capable than we realize.   Individuality is our superpower.

I look back at my life's work and this is the common thread throughout.  I love the human spirit and how we overcome adversity and rise above to actualize the greatness within ourselves.


I am an analyst.  I see chaos in life and I want to package it and simplify it into direct communication of outcome. I go the roots, without judgment, and follow the path of struggle, growth, consequence, change, conquest, and peace. Life is a constant evolution and so individual with each person's experience and yet we can all relate. Fascinating. 

When I was 9 years old I lost my sight to a horrible accident and although very painful, it was my fondest memory.  A month of having my eyes bound and being plunged into darkness and uncertainty if I will ever see again.  When the bindings were removed and I was finally allowed to go out into the sunshine and I saw the depths of colours like never before.  The universe presented now this deeper 3-D form and magnificent hue and brightness of colour that has never left me to this day.  This ugly tree that I used to climb was now the most beautiful magnificent tree and forevermore. My perception had changed within a few weeks and this came out of chaos. 

With every single canvas I start, I create chaos so I may tame it into submission.  I attempt something very difficult, outside of my comfort zone, and I analyze my way through it.  Not only in what I want to say, but in technique. I hold a firm belief that every piece I make is a practice piece to my next masterpiece until the day I die. 


Every moment is an incredible blessing and it is in the moment where I reside.

Blessings to you on your individual journey. 


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