Art Battle Vancouver

February 1, 2016

Life has a way of plunging us into the arena when we are ready, even before we know that we are.  I went to my second Art Battle, Vancouer Event at the Red Room on Richards Street and I thought "this year I am going to challenge myself and sign up for this event".  I hadn't thus far because, the painters are only allowed 20 minutes to create a painting and, well, I am a realistic painter and it takes me 30 hours.  There is a draw at Art Battle, whereby they have a 'guest' spot on the second round for one lucky artist in the crowd.  Well, that evening, I was the "guest artist" out of all those names and I was thrilled to be given the chance.  I learned a lot about myself that evening.  I learned that I was not nervous because I had nothing to lose and even though the place was packed with on lookers, I knew my best was not going to be miraculous, but it wasn't going to suck either.  I learned that I can pull up something decent and put it to canvas in 20 minutes, however, I hated to look at it because I so wanted to spend much more time on it.  The perfectionist just couldn't let go.  I learned that strangers are incredibly supportive as one women kept telling me over and over how I should sign up next time because I belonged there and I realized that maybe I am not giving myself credit for being a serious artist and that I should step up to the plate.  I learned how impactive my work is as this lovely woman rushed over to buy my painting and I was dumbfounded that someone thought it had worth.  I was humbled by her joy and sweetness as I signed it for her and I realized that it has less to do with my work and maybe more to do with my entire experience.  Was it the underdog stepping in and doing a half decent job, the sexy older woman rocking the floor over the young-ins, the realistic artist over the abstracts, a leather bustier, or my red red red hair, or it was a decent 20 minute painting too?


In the end, it was an awesome experience that I will never forget, and I am going to sign up soon and try for the $250.00.  I have nothing to lose and lots of fun to gain.




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