Sculpting years 

I began my art career as an avid Sculptor.   I began as a stone carver, then wood carver, then clay, and even tried my hand at bronze.  I loved the challenge of 'taking away' because there was no room for error.  Rodin was my hero.


I was so immersed in sculpting and learning about it , that I had gallery showings, a solo show and I taught for a few years.  I had newspaper articles written about me and it was a very exciting time.
Then life threw me a curve ball with much struggle, and my work took on a dark sad look to it and the sculpting all started to look the same, so I stopped.  I took most all of my work and I smashed it in a dumpster.   I tried to pick it up a few times over the years and when I broke my thumb while working on clay (for pity sake!), I decided that maybe it was time to shelve it for longer. I needed to fix what was in my head and bring into my brain new inspiration of  a positive nature.  A few years later, I tried my hand at oil painting  and encaustic, and incorporated my 3-D perceptions onto the canvas.


Below are just two typical samples of the sculpting.  


Half Sized Solid Wood Bust                                                                 Life Sized Clay Bust