• Angela Tahara

Free spirit adventures with Angela. She was 19

When I was 19 I had low self esteem and was afraid of life ahead of me. I am 56 and I see now a different perspective.  When the student is ready, the teacher will emerge. I know I have become a beacon as people approach me on their terms and I see what transpires.

Last night was one such night. She was 19 and asked if I was happy. A beautiful young woman with short hair and a sparkle in her eyes. I told her I have never been happier in my life. She told me she was trying to be normal and thus her questions begun for 20 minutes and I complied.

As with us all we see life as blocks and obstacles, but from hindsight they are only bumps no matter how tough and traumatizing it seems. It is because we are so much braver, stronger smarter and resilient than we realize. We just haven't been tested to know. We start life in a small bubble of knowledge but life and possibilities are so much amazingly greater than that. We are catapillars but when we open our  minds we become butterflies.  It seems scary to not know if we have wings because it is unseen.  Our abilities are limitless and there are those that have overcome great odds that have proved this. It is in all of us.

Those that become butterflies will attest that you have to be yourself in all matters because when you are not, life will push you back anyways. There is no wrong path. Only many paths to the same outcome.  You may not get to your desired outcome right away but it will be interesting just the same as you zig zag on your bumps.  

Joy is in embracing who you are and sharing that.  You will align with like individuals for support. There will be those that are opposite but they have a purpose too and peace to them.

Something I said to this woman she needed to hear as she asked many questions. I hope I served her well.

All the best to you all in your journey.

Love Angela