• Angela Tahara

The Artists Process Inside the Artists Mind Day #4 - Part 2

So what is happening here? I leave after 3 hours of frustration. I feel like I have done nothing but ruined the piece and will have to go back and fix it all later. I KNOW this is not true. I KNOW this is my learning day and the day that I have challenged myself and that is why this day is hard. I KNOW this is why I love to paint and this is the difference between a good painting and what could possibly be a great painting for MY satisfaction. If I do a painting and it is easy-peasy, then I have learned nothing and I have put out a copy of my skill. I do not want to be one of those artists. My personal goal is to grow and evolve and this is where I do it.

So today, I stood back and added darker shadow here, which threw off the entire I had to add more colour there....which threw off the other I had to add a different hue over there....which removed the continuity of another section and so on. My adjustments have painted me into corners and I have to make risky decisions that I have to contend with for my next session. I have placed myself into taking what was a nice safe painting for me and risked destroying the entire can be one of my personal best!

Risk. I love it. It is only canvas and a bit of paint.

Angela Tahara