• Angela Tahara

Inside an Artists Mind - The Process -And so Little Bhu is done - Part 3.

What does it feel like to complete a painting? Anxiety, pure and simple. The same kind of anxiety as what I start with.

A painting is completed when I can't stand fiddling with it anymore. When it drives me nuts and I tend to start wrecking it more than I do improving it. When my efforts become trite and I risk removing the sharpness and uniqeness of the piece. Or as I have heard said so poetically before and a saying that I like.......when it becomes interesting.

But my angst is there as I hang it up and refuse to look at it for a week or so as to give my eyes and mind a chance to see it fresh again. Then I will take it down and add a few touches that just have to be made. Touches like a darker line, a deeper shade, a brighter highlight, a new depth. The list goes on, but I will know and I will give it one more finicky touch up before I am truly happy. I know that I must finish my last piece one month before the show starts or it will never dry.

I truly enjoyed making Little Bhu. He was a challenge and a half because I had to be true to my talent. I couldn't hide behind cheap tricks like wrinkles and deep contrasts

, but rather had to force myself to be subtle, and be bold at the same time. He is one of my favorites.

Angela Tahara