• Angela Tahara

Ripples - we are all "one" and connected to the artist.

As an artist, one can go in any direction with your ego and believe what you mama says. For myself, I had the good fortune of having a no-nonsence speaking mother so it took me a lifetime and an abundance of well-wishers giving me a shake before I learned to believe in myself. I love my mother and understand where she is coming from, so no mother bashing here. As a professional, I strive to be better than my last art piece and when someone compliments my work, I understand that it is for them that the compliment has been made and that person's requirement to connect with me, and not so much the work itself. I am so grateful for that individual's desire to connect with me and it is that byproduct value that I hold so precious. The work on canvas is just a captured momentary expression, but the conversation I am having with the person before me is a fluid action of art unto itself because it is always unique.

You see, I believe in ripples that link us and that we are all "one" and connected to the artist. I believe that people connect to my art because they recognize something within themselves in my work. This is with all art works that speak with a passion is about. For me, it is an honor to have this talent and to be able to develop it and to have such good people in this world who so positively reinforce it. I am so absolutely blessed and I do not squander it, nor take it for granted. With reverence, I entreat my paint, pallet, canvas, breath and body, at every opportunity I have.