Angela's story....

How does one sum up one's life?  So complex it is so I can only share stories like snapshots in time. 

When I was a child of 7, I was blind for a time.  A horrible accident and I don't remember the pain, but I recall the screaming and kicking I did as my father forced my eyes open under the running water in the bathtub.  He saved my eyes.  Days went by as  I felt my way around the house and touched things and tried to recall what they were.  So intimate was I to what I had in my hand, tasted in my mouth, heard in my ears and the weight of that which touched my skin.    I remember so vividly as if it were yesterday when the bandages came off and I walked outside.  Blinking painfully, as I walked into nature, I saw amazing vivid colours before me that sparkled brighter than  I ever remembered before.  Shapes literally jumped out at me and trans-morphed into something new as I moved positions.   Trees became 3-D objects that were a different creature with each step.  Then at night, they were completely different from the black shadows that were cast deep within.   I was star struck to be changed forever in gratefulness and I never lost this absolute wonderfulness at what was before me. 

Life hit me hard.  As a child and into adulthood I experienced some horrible acts of human nature and instead of asking why, I had to ask, what now.  If not, I would be overcome in despair.

The questions I get asked the most is why I create my choice of topics and what am I trying to say.  Let me start with the premise that every single person has a path in life and the lessons that they must overcome.

Allowing myself to be an artist was my first lifelong challenge.  Born an artist soul, I was taught that art had no purpose and so I deeply felt that I had no purpose on this earth.  It is the same as if you were born in a body of a certain gender, but inside you knew you were of the other gender.  I started life feeling hopeless and trapped in a journey that had no purpose.  I had to fight my way to feel worthy.

Creating beauty out of oppression is my life journey and I use my artistic expression from deep within to convey what is vitally important.  People who are, or who have been in this similar journey of oppression, instantly connect with my art. 

My passion is when I see beauty and compassion emerge from chaos.  Personal Empowerment.  The phoenix rising from the ashes, that so many of us have experienced in one way or another.  

 I do not look away as we were taught, but rather engage and embrace, and then walk forward as a better person.

I am an artist to the core.

        Angela Tahara

"Do not look to the past for blame, do not look to the future with worry, be in the moment as you truly are today.  Change will come." - Angela Tahara