Angela Tahara began her career as a sculptor. From 1987 – 2011 she worked primarily in woodcarving, clay, stone and bronze.  Numerous solo/group shows, taught/mentored artists, prolific in experimentation and her sculptures were selling out of Chateau Whistler.


Captured in the Newspapers on many occasions and the Tri-City News featured a full page article in 1998 on her artistic vision and purpose.  


In 2012, she adjusted her studio to oil and encaustic painting to combine her knowledge of 3-D concepts to incorporate colour using a 2-D platform. Tahara’s works were featured at Art World Expo in 2016. 


Since then, she has devoted her time to perfecting new techniques, commissions, and selling privately. 


Tahara’s theme throughout her career has always communicated the resilience of the human spirit and individualism.

Sculpture Troy.jpg
Sculpture Seekers.jpg
Sculpture Brent.jpg